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Katafanga Island Luxury Resort & Spa | Beach
This is a rare opportunity to experience the pristine paradise of the South Pacific as few will ever experience it—in the luxurious comfort of a five-star, private island retreat. By helping support our initial efforts to accelerate the development of Katafanga Island Luxury Resort & Spa, your pledge will gain you exclusive access for thousands less than what you’d expect it would cost.
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About This Project

Katafanga Island is a private oasis in the Lau Island Group in Fiji. The island itself is 225 acres of unspoiled beauty. A spectacular reef completely encircles the island creating a tranquil lagoon, which is home to bioluminescent micro-life that produce an amazing light display when the water is disturbed at night. The lagoon is accessed via pristine white sand beaches.

In addition to the natural habitats of the local aquatic sea life, guests of the island will experience the natural, exotic beauty of the island itself, which includes a number of natural caves and volcanic rock formations for visitors to explore.